The mission of the Empowered Youth Program is to continue to evolve, based upon the changing needs of the inner-city young men we serve.

Our current focus is the ‘EARN WHILE YOU LEARN‘ strategy of our two new  Job Training & Employment Career Tracks in Culinary Arts and Construction.

The evolved Empowered Youth Job Training and Employment Program focus is on giving our inner city young men, the opportunity to have a CAREER and not just a job.

Our goal is to teach them ‘real life skills’ that translate into a life long opportunity for sustained success. A tangible opportunity to escape the grip of poverty and violence.

Empowered Youth (EY) is a 501c3 public not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of inner-city, at-risk youth. We serve young men between the ages of 12 and 21, most of whom have been referred to us by the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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