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Empowered Youth


Vibe 305 Food Truck

One of Empowered Youth’s main goals right now is getting our new Empowered Youth Café/Food Truck Incubator Program running and successful.  The café/food truck will operate as a training/job development program for students/graduates so they get hands-on experience that will lead them to expanding the franchise and launching a Vibe 305 franchise at the end of their training that will then train and employ MORE inner-city young men nationwide. The training period givens them the time, exposure and training to perfect their management and cooking skills under the supervision of experts in the restaurant/and ood truck industries.The ultimate goal is for the boys themselves create a Vibe 305 café food truck franchise and share in the net profits of that for-profit business.  That is the goal: to give them a sustainable future and keep the cycle of prosperity moving as more and more boys graduate from the Phase 1 of the Empowered Youth Neighborhood program and become a part of creating a better future for themselves through education and opportunity.We do not expect all students on the truck to go on to be café/food truck owners, The important thing is that they have the credentials and training to do whatever will make them happy and help them to lead productive lives.  We want them to use this training and employment opportunity to help their families, to help them go to college/trade school, or to support themselves if they are without family support.The goal of Empowered Youth is to teach our young men ‘how to fish,’ and to make them independent, sustainable members of our community.  We also want to bring training and employment to inner-city communities in which few people are currently investing.
Shown below, is our menu along with photos of each menu item:
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