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Empowered Youth


Message From Founder


Dear old and new friends of Empowered Youth,

Our website says ‘Welcome to the land of Opportunity’ and I would like to reiterate that welcome to you!  If you are reading this, that means you care and want to be a part of the solution.  Welcome aboard, we need you!

The  ‘big vision’ for our program and business models is to have an Empowered Youth Neighborhood/Entrepreneurs Program in every inner-city neighborhood in this country Both our program and business models have been designed to be easily replicated so that we can serve inner-city communities nationwide.

The Empowered Youth program is all about leveling the playing field for young men who have all it takes to be successful except opportunity, resources and support.  Our goal is for these young men to become young entrepreneurs and to help lift themselves, their families and ultimately their communities out of poverty.

Have you ever seen a piece of gold ore in its raw state?  If you did not know what it was, you could easily think it was ‘nothing special’ and toss it back on the pile.  But—if you just took the time to look just slightly beneath the surface—you would find priceless gold underneath.

That is how it is with our inner-city young men…you just have to scratch a little beneath the surface to discover a talented, intelligent, interesting and deserving young man who has a tremendous amount to contribute to his community.

They were born into adversity, they did not request it; and are often punished twice:  once for being born into circumstances not of their asking or control, and the second time for trying to survive in those circumstances.

They can transcend that adversity and climb to the summit.  They just need access, opportunity and support.

The real ‘lost leaders’ in this country are the young inner-city men who remain trapped in circumstances beyond their control and who end-up spending their life in prison or succumbing to inner-city violence.

They need a bridge to opportunity.  Join Empowered Youth as we work to build that bridge to a better future for this nation’s inner-city young men.

Join in our war with the streets for the lives of our inner-city young men; as we work to help them transform the lives through training and opportunity  Invest in their future.   Help change a life today.


Thank you,

Colleen Adams

Founder/Executive Director

Empowered Youth