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Empowered Youth


About Us


Empowered Youth is a non-profit organization that works exclusively with inner-city, ‘at-risk’ young men between the ages of 12 and 19, most of whom have been referred to the program by the Department of Juvenile Justice.  We are considered an intervention/diversion program by the DJJ.

Here is the link to a documentary that was recently done by a University of Miami student as her graduation project. Simply copy and paste the link into the address box of your browser to view:


Empowered Youth operates in two phases.  The first phase is a life skills/character development program that works to give our students the support, resources and opportunities they need to permanently redirect their lives.  The program consists of a DJJ approved curriculum, mentors, tutors, and referrals to community partners for individual, drug and family counseling.

Phase Two is a job development program called Empowered Youth Entrepreneurs that includes training and stipends paid to our students while they learn new skills and a new profession.  The job development program currently includes a food truck incubator program called Vibe 305 where the boys receive training in the culinary arts and entrepreneurship, along with on-the-job-training on the actual food truck from professional chefs.

Here is a brief video that we did to help raise awareness and funds for the food truck program.  Simply copy and paste the link into your browser address box to view:  https://vimeo.com/92344898

We  are also launching the Vibe 305 Cafe this fall (we already have the land!) that will be a hub for training and learning for under-served youth.  In addition to creating more training and jobs in the areas of culinary, service, and marketing, the Vibe 305 Cafe will include an arts center where youth can learn graphic design, take art classes, music classes, and have a gallery space devoted to showcasing their work.  We will also have a community garden where the students will grow the produce to use for the cafe and food truck, and also to sell at  Farmer’s Markets to create more jobs for the youth.

We also have an urban apparel line called EY StreetWear, which the boys design, market and sell.

The Empowered Youth slogan is YOUTH TRANSFORMATION through opportunity, which is why we are proud to say that 87% of the graduates of our program do NOT re-offend.  Our students are great young men from challenging circumstances, but they CAN change that (YES THEY CAN!) and become productive and contributing members of our society.

It takes a village to raise a child and a willing nation to uplift struggling inner-city communities out of poverty. Training, jobs and DIGNITY replace prison and violence.

Join us as we work to save and transform the lives of these deserving young inner-city men.  We don’t GIVE UP on them, we LIFT THEM UP and help them find their greatness.

Our job development program will employ up to 50 inner-city young men when our Vibe 305 Cafe is operational this fall.  Those are up to 50 young inner-city men who would be in the Juvenile Justice system or would have met an early death on the streets.  These fatherless young men born into poverty deserve better.  Let’s make America the land of opportunity for everyone.

Thank you.